Images of motion graphics, infographics, gametrailers, commercials

Creative studio based in Stockholm.
We craft, direct and produce animation.

Since 2017, Svep has produced animated game trailers, commercials, opening titles, infomercials and motion graphics. We're passionate about telling stories that entertain people and strengthen brands. Our clients range from internationally renowned companies to startups. No project is too big or too small. Get in touch with us!

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Animation & Motion Graphics

We design, direct and produce animation, motion graphics, infomercials for advertising, entertainment and gaming industries.

Concept & Pre-Production

We provide treatments, storyboards, animatics, moodboards, styleframes, research and development. And we would love to pitch on your next project!

Direction & Design

Whether it's an animated game trailer or a designed commercial, we bring our knowledge and passion for storytelling, film and design to them. And we always strive to push the boundaries of visual design.

Game Trailers

We create worlds and character-driven stories. Svep has produced and directed trailers and in-game content for world leading game companies, including Mojang, Ubisoft, Google and Goals.


We help to build brands, launch products and create immersive visual experiences through design, motion graphics, and 3D animation. With a variety of brands, agencies and in-house agencies, we have produced adverts such as Stiga, Brio, Lego Star Wars and Weekday.

Opening Titles

Capturing the mood of a show into an opening title is one of the most rewarding challenge. Watch what we did for Vikings Valhalla.

Contact us for collaborations or projects!