arch illager walking over a bridge in minecraft dungeons cinematic

Minecraft Dungeons

Cinematic Trailer

When a lonely, outcast Illager stumbles upon a mysterious object with terrifying powers, his entire existence is turned upside down. Before long, he finds himself on a path of evil, causing mayhem across the Overworld. Who can stop him?

We had the pleasure of working together with Mojang in creating this intro cinematic for their new game called “Minecraft Dungeons”. It was released in the summer of 2020.

Arch Illager walking around in the swamps of Minecraft Dungeons
Arch Illager fighting against the wind and rain in the mountains
Arch Illager being hunted by spiders in the mountain
Arch Illager finally finding a secret door
The secret door opens to the cave of Minecraft Dungeons
A close up of Arch Illagers expression seeing the interesting cave
There's a long stair with a forgotten Item
Arch Illager walking towards the item
Arch Illager finally getting his powers
Arch Illigaer becoming the leader!
Arch Illiger order his army of mobs to attack
Red stone golem attacking a village with villagers.
Redstone Golem frightens the unsung hero
The main characters of Minecraft Dungeons Hal, Hex, Valorie and Hedwig are looking over the valley. This is also the packshot.



Mojang Studios


Svep Studios


Fredrik Ekholm
Johannes Sande


Elias Widerdal

Mojang – Hampus Nilsson

Art Direction

Fredrik Ekholm

Johannes Sande
Mojang - Martin Johansson

Ideation & Script

Mojang – Max Herngren

3D Lead

Fredrik Ekholm
Johannes Sande

Character Animation

David Weidemann

Florian Raphael Panzer

Animation Supervisor

Mojang – Mattis Grahm


Sven Ahlström

Mattias Sandelius


Sander van Wijk


Mojang – Samuel Åberg

Mojang - Peter Hont