A big door opening and light shining thru it. Adrien, Hal, Valorie and Hex waiting curiously to see what's on the other side

Minecraft Dungeons

Launch Trailers

Fight your way through an all-new action-adventure game, inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and set in the Minecraft universe!

After working together with Mojang in creating cinematics for the new game  “Minecraft Dungeons” we were happy to get the opportunity to create the official launch trailer for the game. In total we created 3 shorter teasers and one Launch Trailer.

Offical Launch Trailer

Teaser Trailer 01 - Unite

Teaser Trailer 01 - Fight

Teaser Trailer 03 - Survive


Valorie running in a narrow corridor being chased by spiders. Equipped  with guard armour and a steel sword.
A group of skeletons and skeletons with armor walking towards valorie
Valorie aiming her bow towards a skeleton
Sparks flying when skeleton gets hit in the stomach by an arrow from Valories bow
Valorie splitting a slime into two pieces with a steel sword
Adrien, Hal, Hex and Valorie are inside a cosy cabin with a fireplace in the background. They are sitting in a sofa playing minecraft dungeons on a TV in the foreground
Valorie dressed in heroes armor doing a jump attack with a mace towards a redstone golem

Teaser 01 - Unite stills

Vindicator pointing his axe towards the camera
Hal dressed in full metal armor looking towards the camera. A big group of vindicators and zombies charging towards Hal
Hal resting on the ground while his backup arrives. Hex, Adrien and Valorie drops from the sky.

Teaser 02 - Fight stills

Adrien and Hal running away from a volley of arrows. Hex is in the background also running for her life
Hex swinging her axe with great power, hitting a vindicator and knocking him over
Adrien swinging her soul sword and splitting a skeleton in half

Teaser 03 - Survive stills

A big door opening and light shining thru it. Adrien, Hal, Valorie and Hex waiting curiously to see what's on the other side
Hex pulling out a totem of shielding from her inventory with a panicked look on her face
Adrien, Hal, Valorie and Hex standing back to back in a shield of healing. Spiders and other mobs swarming from all sides. Adrien hitting a spider with her hammer



Mojang Studios


Svep Studios


Fredrik Ekholm


Elias Widerdal

Mojang - Hampus Nilsson

Mojang - Sofia Orrheim


Johannes Sande
Fredrik Ekholm

Steffen Knoesgaard

Art Direction

Fredrik Ekholm
Mojang - Ninni Landin
Mojang - Martin Johansson

3D Lead

Johannes Sande

3D Generalist

Johannes Matsson

Steffen Knoesgaard


Steffen Knoesgaard

Johannes Sande

Character Animation

David Weidemann

Florian Raphael Panzer

Christoph Schinko

Bruno Buzinkay


Jacob Danell

Unreal Engine Artist

Jonatan Pöljö

Storyboard Artist

Magnus Jonason


Sander van Wijk


Rostislav Trifonov
Peter Hont
Ambiens Studio