Caves & Cliffs: Part I - Trailer

Caves & Cliffs: Part I introduces our new favorite mobs to Minecraft.
Get to know the axolotl, but don’t let the adorableness of this bucket-happy mob fool you. It is very much a predator. The goats are also incredibly cute, but also incredibly fond of ramming, so keep your distance or prepare yourself for a journey through the air.

We loved working on this trailer together with Mojang, with a mix of creative ideas from their end and a lot of creative freedom we where able to create this fast paced trailer in record time.

Steve admiring his copper roof
Goat in dark and misty environment lit by lightingstrike
vindicator running towards you
Axolotl playing with fish
Axolotl waving towards camera
Steve feeding a goat
Alex using telescope
Alex gets hit by goat in snowy landscape
goat falling down a cliff
cheep admiring a nether portal
a goat in nether for the first time
a goat howls at the moon
vindcator in a tower
drowned zombie getting hit by axolotl
alot of minecraft character in the update caves and cliffs part 1



Mojang Studios


Svep Studios


Fredrik Ekholm


Elias Widerdal
Mojang – Nicolette Suraga

Art Direction

Fredrik Ekholm
Mojang - Johan Aronsson

Ideation & Script

Mojang - Cristina Anderca

Mojang - Owen Jones

Mojang - Johan Aronsson

Fredrik Ekholm

3D Lead

Johannes Matsson

3D Generalist

Johannes Matsson

Tim van der Wiel

Philip Månsson

Animation Supervisor

David Weidemann

Character Animation

Florian Raphael Panzer

Bruno Buzinkay

David Weidemann

FX Artist

Ola Tandstad


Sven Ahlström

Fredrik Ekholm

Grade, Online & Versioning

Sander van Wijk

Peter Skov Nielsen

Storyboard Artist

Magnus Jonason


Ambiens – Calle Wachtmeister