First person view of pillagers attacking a village. Wielding a diamond swords and a shield.


Village & Pillage Trailer

Svep had the pleasure of directing and producing this festive musical trailer for the new Minecraft update, Village & Pillage! The brief was to create a super happy musical from the POV of the player, showing off many of the new village features.

With limited time, Svep rapidly started working together with Mojang on their concept. The look was based on artwork from earlier key art, but has been revamped with extra care taken on the lighting and shading.

Wandering trader petting his baby lama with a bigger lama in the background. In the far distance the village is visible.
A path leading downward to a village.
Pigs, cows, chickens and villagers dancing in the fields on the outskirts of the village.
Villager sharpening a golden axe with a villager and a cat in the background.
Villager looking at the camera with the town square in the background.
Two baby villagers and one villager being chased by a baby villagers riding a pig.
Two baby villagers playing soccer with a slime. In the background there are chickens and villagers running around. Town square in the background.
First person view of pillagers attacking a village. Wielding a diamond swords and a shield.
The town square being attacked by pillagers with axes. Villagers, pigs and chickens fleeing towards the camera.
Villagers and animals celebrating on the town square. Crossbow loaded with a rocket.



Mojang Studios


Svep Studios


Fredrik Ekholm


Elias Widerdal
Mojang - Åsa Skogström
Mojang - Nicolette Suraga

3D Lead

Johannes Sande
Linus Lundin

Art Direction

Fredrik Ekholm
Mojang - Martin Johansson

Character Animation

David Weidemann
Matthias Knappe


Johannes Sande

Reference Actor

Mille Bostedt

Storyboard Artist

Magnus Jonason


Mojang - Kevin Martinez