Patio area with 1 lounge sofa and one bench. Two ottomans and a sunset in the background.


Home Development

Atmosphere Home Development’s business strategy is to build affordable and smart houses with a unique design, tailor made for their locations. We were tasked with bringing their vision to life with architectural visualizations for their new townhouses in Hallbros, Gotland.

Overview image of the project. Sunset in the background and light blue sky.
Street view of the project. Blue sky and a tree in the foreground.
Front of the house with two folding chairs on the grass.
The backside of the house and a view of the balcony. Wooden facade in two different materials.
Closer image of the balcony. 2 lounge chairs and one sofa. Flowers on the sofa table.
A light kitchen with a dinner table in the background. Black wooden floor and light colored walls.
A light modern kitchen closest to the camera with the living room in the background.
A light image of one of the corridors. Dinner table visible in the background and some indoor plants on the right side.
Bedroom with a big bed and lighter wooden stool. shining in. Black wooden floor with a light
A view of the big living room. A luxurious sofa and a wooden dinner table with y-chairs around it.



Atmosphere Home Development


Svep Studios

3D Lead

Johannes Sande

3D Generalist

Elias Widerdal

Fredrik Ekholm

Linus Lundin